Masonry Work

Everyone wants to have a home with a solid base and excellent structure. Our experienced Masonry team has necessary skill set to get the job done. Expertise in masonry work can only be achieved with years of experience, and nobody does it better than Bernardini Builders. Our Masonry work with much material like stone, brick and concrete create the perfect base and look for your home. We help you to retain walls, patios, or an entire house. As a masonry contractor we offer you a wide range of solutions for your home that can save you time and money.

Stone, Brick and Concrete Masonry

Our masons are experienced in all types of masonry work. We have experience using brick, stone and concrete. Past projects have included facades on homes, walls and both interior and, exterior, staircases, driveways, exterior flooring and more. Our skilled Masons will bring the beauty of home to the next level. Our experts are well skilled in both classic and modern forms of masonry and are on top of all the current trends.

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